SEO Copywriting – Once Upon a Time Original Content Was King to SEO

Content is King – in and of itself it makes no sense, does it? Unfortunately not many people consider this very important in their SEO efforts. As I figure this article is simply an overview about Content and SEO then we’ll cover tips to best optimize content for your website.

As you may have noticed we are not talking about Quality here. We want Quality without readily taking every quality approach.

Let’s first start with what is the difference between Quality and ‘Original’.

Quality is how your content is written and grammatically correct. This content is not Press Release News-crafted- this content is unique. This content has been not duplicated. The content is created by you, you write for you website, optimized just for the website, not for any other users.

Original Content on the other hand is higher in quality than the Content you submit to the search engines. Original content has not been duplicated. It was written by you. It is different websites and contents that are submitted to the search engine, not you. Original content is the pride of all new websites.

Original Content is better optimized for your websites target keyword phrases. Which would you rather have as your Title, “Commence a business”? Or would you rather have something like, “Inateur comedy sketches – Improv Show” a title which would attract the searcher and contain the targeted phrase. This could be the same content as shown on the site we crawled or it could be a new blog, but it’s good content.

Now you need to ask yourself

“Is how I use Content Important”.

The answer is NO, not if it comes across as ‘Press Release’. One Test Market Research shows that 55% of searchers click on the website when they see the title, or a link to your website in Google. This title is taken from your contents, so if this IS your article or press release then you have a very large percentage of websites who are competing with Optimized Copy for the webpage down case.

Here is the Negative Here…

Optimized Copy is the clickable Links or Titles within a Press ReleaseArticle Create the permission situation where you are charged for content usage?

STOP IT! There are several sites who will allow you to use a Press Release, in some cases FREE, and of course the use of content is not original. Find a web page optimized for your Article and comment, that’s it. You can always split test your articles for better keyword placement.

It could be a Reader’s Question about the article, the searcher is probably going to correct another tag that is already there, NOT a question of comment.

Example –

“Internet marketing and SEO”, Search Engine Optimized, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of improving the web sites search engine ranking in relevant search engines to obtain the highest possible amount of highly targeted traffic.Internet marketing for your business”


“SEO is the area of internet marketing that is able to provide results in very low time frame.”

Now the way these two Articles are written happen to be identical, but when you see the one that will get you up higher in the rankings, then it is clear the person writing the Article is completely different from the ones who write Press Releases.

Good instructions to follow when writing Articles or Press Releases, there is a fine line between quality articles or press releases and Quality copies on the internet.

Good Luck!

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