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All Annual Subscriptions Include ...

Free Custom Domain

Whatever The Annual Plan you choose to subscribe, You’ll get a Free Custom Domain Registration for 1 year which is worth up to £15

Free Logo Design

Don’t have the Design Skills to Create a beautiful Logo for Your Business? Not a problem! Our Design Team will handle this for you and will create for you a beautiful logo that represents your business in a professional way.  (Normal Price £50)

Free Marketing Consultation

We care about your business success, for an annual subscription you’ll get free 30 Minutes Marketing Consultation which our Digital Marketing Professionals will provide you with valuable information on how can you attract more customers and grow your business (Normal Price is £60)

No Coding or Technical Skills Needed!

Just Drag and Drop!

If you want to get your business or idea online but don’t know where to start, Our Website Builder makes it simple to create a modern, professional site with no coding or technical knowledge required.

Pay as You Go!

Whether you just need a website that looks great or you’re ready for more business-building capabilities, we have a plan for you. Whatever you choose, you’re on your way to a brilliant website.

Manage it all in One Place!

the Bridge Website Builder is easy as a piece of cake

Easy as a Piece of Cake!

Create your website and manage appointments, business information, working hours, staff, customer reminders, and payment methods, all in one spot.

The Bridge Website Builder helps You to Rank on

Get Ranked on Google!

Our Website Builder includes an SEO tool that gets your company found on Google and beyond. From Search Engine Optimization to managing your social media presence, our marketing and SEO tool helps your business cut through the noise and stand out to your customers.

The Bridge Website Builder Social Media Integration Functionality

Connect with Your Audience!

Connect Your Website with various Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Yelp, Houzz, and others, Make it easy to share your Blog Posts on Your Facebook Page.

The Commitment to Your Success!

Our Website Builder is PERFECT for...

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Website Builder Personal

£7.50 / per month

Share your passion online.

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Website hosting
  • Rapid Page-Load performance
  • Create a blog
  • Security (SSL)
  • 24/7 support
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Website Builder Business

£10.00 / per month

Create an online presence for your business.

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Website hosting
  • Rapid Page-Load performance
  • Create a blog
  • Security (SSL)
  • 24/7 support
  • PayPal Buy Now or Donate button
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Website Builder Business Plus

£14.75 / per month

Attract more customers.

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Website hosting
  • Rapid Page-Load performance
  • Create a blog
  • Security (SSL)
  • 24/7 support
  • PayPal Buy Now or Donate button
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Share content to Facebook
  • Online Appointments
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Website Builder Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Bridge Website Builder?

The Bridge Website Builder is an online editing and publishing tool that helps you create a website, regardless of your technical skill level. Just create an account, pick a design, and use the built-in editor to add your own images and text. You can make your website as simple or complex as you’d like.

Can I customize my website?

Absolutely. You have the option to customize your website based on your business needs. You can add site content wherever you’d like in a variety of sections; from multiple site pages to scrollable sections that you can add to each of those pages, to a gallery of images, menus and price lists, and YouTube or Vimeo videos. Each section on your website is customizable as well, from the name of the page to your website’s navigation bar. You’ll also have the ability to change text colors, styles, and font. It’s important to make a responsive website that is mobile and desktop friendly. With our Website Builder, you’ll be able to choose layouts to give your visitors the experience you want them to have.

Can I connect my Social Media to my Website?

The Bridge Website Builder can act as your hub, the place where your friends and contacts can see your posts, photos, videos, and more. With the option to link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube on your website, your visitors can be everywhere you are on the web. Being able to cover multiple platforms gives you the opportunity to reach more people while creating appropriate content for each of your socials (like posting all of your photos on Instagram, and tweeting about your most recent business venture on Twitter). By centrally locating all the links in one place – your new website – you are giving your website visitors a seamless experience. Linking to your social media on your website gives you an advantage in communicating with your visitors; the more they can connect with you and do so in the forum that’s most comfortable to them, the more they’ll engage with your site, and thus you or your business.

Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tool included with The Bridge Website Builder?

Website Builder Business and Website Builder Business Plus are the plans that come with built-in SEO tools to help your website show up in search engines like Google. In Website Builder, you’ll find the SEO Wizard, a step-by-step guide that provides suggestions on how to optimize each page of your website by adding relevant keywords and descriptions.

Can I create an Online Store with The Bridge Website Builder?

This Website Builder doesn’t support Shopping Cart or Online Store Features, However, if you want to establish a website where you can sell physical products you can use the Online Store Builder, or the WordPress eCommerce Hosting that comes with free Woocommerce Plugin.

How can I keep my Website Secure and Safe for my Customers?

In all Website Builder plans, any data transmitted from your site will be encrypted using an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Your SSL will establish an encrypted link between your web server and the browser of the person visiting your site. This means that all data will be kept private; which is important if you want visitors to your site to be safe.

Can I connect a custom domain to my Website?

Absolutely. All websites created with the Bridge Website Builder will have a url like “” If you want to connect a custom domain to your site, you will just need to register this domain and connect it to your website.

How Can I Get My Free Custom Domain?

First, You have to choose your Website Builder Package and click “Add to Cart” and You have to select an annual plan (because The Free Domain Promotion doesn’t work on Monthly Plans), Second You will Go to the Domains page, where you’ll choose your domain, you can choose a Domain name with Maximum Price of £15 to get the offer, and you can also choose a domain with a higher price but you will have to pay the difference.

For Example, if you choose a domain that costs you £20 then you’ll have to pay £5 pounds from the total cost of your domain.

After you choose the domain, add it to your cart and use the Promo Code ( BRIDGE2020 )

And You’ll get a Discount of £15 on Your Total invoice.

How Can I Get My Free Logo Design?

To get your free Logo Design, You have to send us a copy of your invoice, Your Business Name, Your Industry (ex. Real Estate, Spa, …etc), and the colors you prefer to use in your logo on our Whatsapp Number +905526352586

Please Note that designing Your Logo can take up to 3 business days.

How To Get My Free 30 Minutes Marketing Consultation?

To get your free Consultation, You have to send us a copy of your invoice on our Whatsapp Number +905526352586 and then we’ll send you a link to schedule your appointment.

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